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Final Hearing on Balkrishna Case Delayed

Uttarakhand High Court postponed the Final Hearing on Balkrishna Case to Nov 4. While Stay order on his arrest will continue.

Earlier Balkrishna went missing on July 24, when CBI filed the case in high court accusing him of cheating and criminal offenses. He reappeared on Jul 29 when the high court approved stay order on his arrest.
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Yoga to be included MBBS Courses

Baba Ramdev applauded the decision taken by union Health ministry for inclusion of Yoga in MBBS syllabus. The Ministry made it clear to the Medical Council of India (MCI) for changes in the curriculum. Yoga as a medical science was a debatable issue for a long time and with the fresh step taken by the Health Ministry, it is clear that Yoga is regarded as medical science.

Swami Ramdev stated that the current step is absolute certain to change the outlook of future doctors.

Baba Ramdev's Food Park

Failing to find a market for C-Grade Apples, Uttarakhand govt has tied up with Baba Ramdev's Food Park for procurement of Apples in the hills. Patanjali Food and Herbal Park has been set up in Haridwar with an investment of 300 crores. Utilizing the C-grade apples various items like Jam & Murabba will be prepared from same.

This is a huge relief for Uttarakhand govt as farmers usually suffers from huge losses every year as the C-Grade Apples fails to find a market. Apples from Himachal dominates the Indian market quiet heavily. Baba Ramdev has also agreed to pay minimum support price of 9 Kg per apple.

Swami Ramdev Yoga Programmes - TV Channels Schedule

TV channels around the global frequently broadcast Yoga Programmes by Baba Ramdev, which are actively viewed by millions of viewers.

Here we have complied the latest list of programmes being broadcasted on various TV Channels. Don't forget to check them out.
ChannelLanguageTimingsFrequencyZee TVHindi4 - 5 amDailyZee MarathiHindi5.30 - 6.30 amDaily

Now it's the turn of BSF jawans to learn yoga from Ram Dev!

Now, the jawans from 25th Battalion at Chhawla learnt yoga from Swami Ram Dev. At west Delhi, hundreds of BSF jawans poured on the extensive landscaped ground to learn Pranyama, Bhujang Asana, Manduka Asana from the distinguished and world famous yoga guru.

BSF jawans who live away from their respective families for stretched periods of time undergo a great fit of depression and anxiety but yoga is a great stress buster. The 10-day-long yoga camp organized by Baba Ram Dev is a great occasion for these jawans who come have come forward to beat their stress by extensive workouts.

The shiver has been received with utmost seriousness by these para military personnels. This shiver has been organized by Welfare and Rehabilitation Board (Warb) and has been attended by 3, 000 soldiers from CRPF, BSF, CISF, SSB, NSG etc.

Ram Dev sees Africa as a storehouse of solutions to world’s problems

Swami Ram Dev, the world famous yoga guru, believes that Africa can offer solutions to a wide variety of problems widespread in US and UK. In fact, he sees Africa as a potential solutions provider to the common problems among various nations and a resource pool to combat against exploitation.
Ram Dev supported the views of some eminent leaders of Africa and requested South Africa to extend its helping hand to the other countries of the world so that these underdeveloped and developing nations also came at par to other developed countries in the domain of development.
He is of the opinion that God has bestowed his blessings on Africa and gifted it with lots of natural beauty and biological resources. But the urge for development has prompted the foreign visitors to deplete it of its resources. So efforts should be made to encourage Africa to provide the other countries with its great supply of organic food resources.

Religious conversion faces criticism from Swami Ram Dev

Baba Ram Dev, the renowned yoga guru, has slammed religious conversion. He pledged to put in his best possible endeavors to promote brotherhood and unity among the citizens of the country and lay the foundation of a mentally and physically fit India by amalgamating the healthy yoga practices and ayurveda with the rich culture of the country. He vowed to provide six lakh villages with yoga education that will aim to remove the pain of the people.
Baba Ram Dev declared at the yoga camp organized in Rourkela that the restrictions should be posed on the practice of inducing religious conversion in disguise of rendering social services. He criticized the killing of Lakshmananda Saraswati and gave a national call to maintain peace and harmony in the country. He openly said that no religion encourages violence and revealing his feeling of patriotism even declared that he is all set to set up Bharat Swabhiman Manch (BSM) that would aim to rebuild the national integrity and prosperity.