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Baba Ram Dev discovers Sanjivani Booti

Baba Ram Dev, a renowned yoga guru, has a flourishing list of followers all around the globe. Here he arrives into the scene again with his latest discovery “Sanjivani Booti.” His famous Divya Yoga Trust has openly announced that they have discovered Sanjivani Booti from Drongiri Parvat, which is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
Baba Ram Dev congratulated the team members of his yoga institution for their sincere efforts. This team was led by Acharya Balkrishan, who put his years of experience and knowledge to find this herb on the hill. Also the team had eminent members like Prof. Hariram Pandey and Kaushal Kumar.
Acharya Balkrishan declared that Sanjivani Booti that his team has discovered has the cumulative properties of mrita sanjivani, vishalaya karni, sawarn karni and sandhani. He further claimed that this herb will cure incurable diseases and will do a lot of good to the society as a whole.
Swami Ram Dev is immensely elated with this discovery. He is all set to do lots of research on this herb and use it extensively in his ayurvedic treatment of medicines.


Cnu said…
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seo said…
Please visit and contact there and I am sure they will help you out.
JR said…
Last week on 18th February I visited Ramdev Baba's Pathanjali Ashram at Haridwar. At the handicraft shop within the complex my friend and I bought 5 acupressure exercise wooden boards. The one kept for demonstration was in excellent condition and we presumed the others that were packed would also be in good shape. On our return to Delhi we opened one to find one of the pegs had fallen off and there is no way to fix it. We are afraid to open the others since they are all meant to be gifts. As it is we paid 100 percent more than the price quoted in the wayside shops and now it turns out to be defective! This kind of short changing customers who come from other cities, is most unbecoming of a shop in the hallowed premises!
Jaya Ramanathan
monika said…
i am a girl of age 22 from pune.i am very worried about my hair problem.i am loosing my hairs very badly.& i want to stop my hair fall.they are look very light-weight & lifeless.i want it to become very strong & healthy.
Anonymous said…
has baba ramdev heard of the word free for all concept...
vikas_manila said…
my wife manila agarwal is suffering from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS since last 5.5 years. She is completely on bed and cannot move at all. She always feels problem in breathing also. Baba ji, please bless her by giving sanjivini booti. I am hopeful to receive your kindness.

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